Saturday, 16 September 2017

Week 9!

Week 9 already! It's hard to believe we are nearing the end of the 3rd Term. The next two weeks will be a busy time at school as we wrap up our learning for this Inquiry, publish our writing, finish our video for the Culture Festival and join in with rehearsals for the Festival if the children are in one of the performing Passion Friday groups.

For more information about the Culture Festival and how to get tickets please click here or visit the school website.

This week I will begin updating the children's reading levels in preparation for T4. To give me time to do this, the children will be working on plays in their reading time. At the end of the week we will perform the plays for the class. I will attempt to video them for your viewing pleasure. Your child may bring home the same book over several days to practise so they can be very familiar with their part and begin adding actions and expression to their part. They will have time to make masks in class if needed.

In Maths, we will be applying the addition and subtraction strategies we have been working on through problem solving tasks this week. We will also be targeting our knowledge gaps and updating our maths progressions to reflect our great progress this term. The children are all working hard to brush up their counting by 5's. They are getting good to 20 with 2's and to 100 by 10's.

Next term our Inquiry will focus around Sustainability. If you or someone you know has expertise in this area, please let me know so we can utilise them as an expert. We got so much out of our visit from Kevin Fuller from Mike Pero Real Estate and our trip to MOTAT, we hope to have the same kind of great experiences in Term 4.

In Term 4, I would like the children to begin sharing their learning themselves through the Seesaw tool.  This is a simplified blogging program that allows the children to upload or record media, narrate it and share it with you. Look out for an invite in the coming weeks as I set this up.

Please encourage your child to bring their bike in to school as the weather improves. They can bring it any day.

Hannah is in Wednesday.
Mufti Day Friday- Bring a can for the Salvation Army Food Drive
No Assembly Friday

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Book Day

A few pictures from the fun VLC Book Day Rotations . M1 hosted a STEM activity (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) based on the Seuss Book 'If I Ran the Zoo'. The children had to design a zoo cage that could hold the most weight.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Week 8

It's Maori Language week this week. You could try out some of these words and phrases with your family at home.

This week in M1 we are revising, editing and publishing our narrative stories. We can't wait to share them with you when they are finished! We are going to learn to revise and edit using the ARMS and CUPS method:

It is Books and Reading Day on Wednesday this week. We will be rotating between our VLC classrooms engaging in activities to do with Dr Seuss books. It will  be a FUN day!
The children are getting bigger now and are enjoying the challenge of listening to a chapter or two of longer stories. To help support this we have been talking a lot about visualising the story in their minds ( we use this same strategy when writing our own stories). We have started the 13-Storey Treehouse in class and the children LOVE it! If you are looking for an engaging series that has short chapters and is as funny to adults as it is to the kids, then this series ticks all the boxes!


Hopefully you have had the chance to take a peek at the photos from our MOTAT trip following the link emailed out on Friday. If you did not receive an email, please let me know on and I will resend it. Due to the volume of photos, I won't be adding them all to the blog.

In Maths, The children working hard on their addition and subtraction strategies. They are also working on their number knowledge. The children are getting strong at counting up from any number to 100.  They find find it much trickier to count back from any number up to 100! Practising counting back helps support their subtraction skills, so challenge you child to do some counting backwards on car trips!

This Week: 
Monday: Byron's visiting lecturer will be here Monday morning to observe Byron teaching Writing.
Tuesday: Please bring your bike if the weather is fine
Wednesday: Books and Reading Day
Thursday: Hannah in for Jo
Friday: Assembly

Friday, 1 September 2017

Week 7

We are off to MOTAT this week! On Wednesday please ensure your child is to school by 8:50am with a big packed lunch, raincoat and full school uniform. We will leave school shortly after 9am and as there are 4 classes going and a very full schedule for the day, will be unable to wait for late arrivals. Please do not place a lunch order for this day. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to come along for this trip. Our focus for the trip will be on learning about how life and housing has changed in Auckland over time. The children will participate in an education session, guided walk and tram ride as part of the day. Please discuss behavioural expectations ahead of the trip and remind your child to stay close to their lead adult.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 6

Week 6 already! We welcome back Byron for several weeks of teaching fun in M1 this week. He is going to be amazed by how his little friends are progressing with their learning.

Thanks to all the supporters who came out to watch the Cross Country last week. What excellent determination our children showed.

Kevin Fuller (also known as Boo Boo to Isla) came to talk to the children on Wednesday. He inspired the children so much that they have all gone ahead and marketed your houses for you in some gloss looking Mike Pero brochures. Judging by the asking prices it would seem there has been a distinct downward turn in the Manly housing market lately, with some houses up for grabs for as little as $100. Might be a good time to look at boosting your portfolio. Thank you Kevin for answering all our questions ( including the one- Do you get hungry while you work?)

This week in M1 we are moving on from learning about fractions 1/2 and 1/4. We are heading back to addition and subtraction strategies. The three main focus groups are working on:
1. Adding and subtracting by counting all in our heads.
2. Counting on and counting back from the biggest number in our heads
3. Using doubles and halves to help us work out near double addition and subtraction problems eg. if I know that 6+6=12 then 6+7 must be 12+1

In Writing, we are creating our own narrative books. We are reviewing the parts of a narrative- Orientation, problem & solution and adding on to these elements by learning that good authors catch their readers attention with a hook, stretch out the plot by adding details,  and try several solutions before before one finally works. For such young writers their stories are EXCELLENT!

In Reading, we continue to learn to make deeper text-to-text connections. We will be finding links between these books this week


Can you think of some ways these stories connect?

This week Hannah will be with the children on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Please return any outstanding trip forms and pay at the office if you are paying your activity fee as you go.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cross Country Fun!

What a great day. The M1 kids showed determination, effort and kept a smile on their face while doing it. Thanks to all the cheerleaders who came to support the kids.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Week 5

I have been home with a horrible bout of acute Bronchitis for the past 4 days and will be out Monday trying to recover for Tuesday. To those who booked in for interviews to ask questions about our recent reports, I will try to honour those appointments, but will let you know via email if anything changes.Thanks for your patience.

This Week:

School finishes at 12:30 this Tuesday

Cross Country is from 1:00-2:00pm this Thursday. It will be messy, so please don't send good clothes.

We are off to Motat 6 Sept! Please complete and return your forms well ahead of time to help us with organisation.

Kevin Fuller joins us from Mike Pero Real Estate this week to teach us about buying and selling houses. We look forward to hearing all about it!

Have a great week!